What is (Digital) Storytelling?

What is Storytelling?

Personally, when I think of the word Storytelling; I think about how information, fact or fiction, can be translated to others through the medium of speech, or writing. Storytelling can also be about how we receive information, by listening, by reading a book.

When I think of Storytelling, visually I can imagine a child in bed with its parent reading them a story to send them to sleep. But also I could be thinking about newspapers as an example. How words on paper can tell millions of people everyday different stories about whats happening worldwide, because that’s what the news is really, the telling of real life stories over different mediums; newspapers, TV channels etc.

With ‘Digital Storytelling’ this can be such a wide variety of things. As I said above, newspapers, also the use of Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are also, in theory, just a place to write down, or document your own personal stories. If you tweet about your day, its a personal story online, if you upload to Instagram, its a photographic story of where you are/what you’re doing. All be it a lot further away from this idea of traditional ‘storytelling’ of a child in bed. It has much more meaning than that.


Digital Storytelling does not have to be confined to Social Networking either, think of Play station games, Xbox games, they’re all telling different stories through another medium, being a gaming console. Linking back into traditional storytelling, an example being a book. You can read books on tablets nowadays. The kindle is a great example as its bough the simple  idea of a book, yet completely transformed it into the new digital age. It also allows older generations to interact with newer technologies as they wouldn’t have before, as I personally know people who would’ve never even considered the idea of buying a tablet until seeing the Kindle.


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