Shapes of Stories

After watching the Kurt Vonnegut Video on ‘Shapes of Stories’; it made me think about many things. The fact that stories can be so robust and can, sometimes, literally fit any shape or form.

As the video went on, he explained his ‘graph’. Which on the vertical axis was ‘Good Fortune’ and ‘Ill Fortune’. Good being at the top and Ill being at the bottom. The horizontal axis was the ‘Beginning’ and ‘End’, this axis was starting right through the middle of the ‘G/I’ axis. The diagram below shows this perfectly. With the story being said as ‘Boy meets Girl’. As you can see, the story starts off pretty happily, carries onto real good fortune, then suddenly dips doing toward the middle of story, then toward the end, picks back up again towards good fortune.


The story I have chosen to talk about is the film ‘Seven’ Starring Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt.


I have drawn my own version of the graph but relating it to this story. Which to me I think starts off With good fortune, Brad Pitts character has a nice house, nice wife, a good job, everything you could ask for. The good fortune carries on for a little while until he starts investigating a multiple murder case. The graph then drops down a bit lower toward the middle of the story and evens out a little bit as they find out clues and things to help them solve the case. The at the ending of the film, the graph drops down to complete Ill fortune as he finds out that the murderer he was trying to catch, has now murdered his wife; consequently, the character then shoots the murderer and gets arrested himself.

I have uploaded my drawing to my Flickr account to see.

The next part of this assignment was to find online something that we would consider a ‘Digital Story’.

The ‘Digital Story’ that I have chosen is an online blog named Humans of New York In which a man named Brandon started in 2010. He set out to take photos of 10,000 New Yorkers and put them on a map. He soon started collecting various quotes and short stories from these different people lives. Everyday he takes photos of different New Yorkers with added quotes or short stories. He in documenting thousands and thousands of short stories across this vast city; where everyone has a different background, childhood, adulthood and lifestyle.

In fact, I would call it one HUGE digital story, but once you open the ‘Cover’ up, you in face get thousands of miniature stories embedded in an online book, being the website. What he has created for himself, and millions of others worldwide is amazing, nothing (that I have heard of) has been done like this before, especially not on this scale. Its unique, creative and inspirational.


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