Unit 3 Reflective Blog

The first section on this unit was What is Storytelling? I wrote a blog post on what I thought storytelling was, without looking up a definition off the internet, just purely what I thought it meant. Also throughout the unit I learnt a lot, not only what storytelling is, but what Digital Storytelling is. It literally could be anything, from simple things, to way more complex. I really enjoyed the Shapes of Stories video in the unit. It really made good sense to me and made me think alot about what’line’ or ‘shape’ different stories could tell.

So the next assignment within this module was to analyse a film, book etc based on the Shapes of Stories. I wrote a blog post about it and drew my own picture and uploaded it to Flickr on shape I thought my favourite film Se7en took using Kurt Vonneguts theories.

Shapes of Stories #ds106 #kurtvonnegut

My Daily Creates this Unit:

Error Message: For this we had to find out how custom error messages where made. Not having a clue on how to make them, I turned to Google (again). It was pretty simple to do. I found a website called http://atom.smasher.org/error/ and from there it was history. Very simple to do, yet DS106 is making us use our imagination and go out looking on ways to do things, which I very much enjoy.

Here it is on my Flickr

Summarize a movie in two panels: This one I thought was fun. As I love films. For this I used Photoshop as I already have some skills within the software. I chose the film The Matrix as its one of my favorite films as well. Again DS106 didn’t tell us how to create the image, they just told us what we needed to create, which again, I think is great because we have to use our own initiative and knowledge on creating media, which is what its all about, right?

Here it is on my Flickr

Make a veggie Person: This one was a bit strange! We had to make a person out of vegetables to keep the pre made veg person company. I chose cucumbers. Again using photo shop I just put some eyes and mouths on them.

Here it is on my Flickr

Be creative with leaves: This one was a bit strange too. I literally had no idea what to do, it was dark outside and i didnt really fancy going and finding some leaves! So I did the next best thing. traced them off Google. I made a face out of leaves and just drew it on a piece of paper.

Here it is on my Flickr

Next on the agenda was to Tell a Story in Photos.  I had to look through DS106 posts and choose two random photos. From this I had to link them together through a story, they could be linked in any way. I chose to use my Error Message Photo and someone else’s safe haven photo. I didn’t write a lot in the actual ‘story’; only a sentence, but i think that the message within this was more important than writing loads of words.  This is my Story with Photos. 

So far, this unit has been my favourite through out DS106 and if things continue like they are (hopefully they will); as I am progressing through the course, things will get more enjoyable. So far I have learnt loads and especially in this unit alone, learnt new things and enjoyed it more than anything else.

For the last section in Unit 3, it really took me out of my comfort zone a little. We had to comment on other peoples work who also do DS106 alongside us, or have completed it etc.

We where asked to comment on 5 peoples work from the random selection that we were given. I commented on only three. There are links to these posts below:




As I said above, this task really took me out of my comfort zone. I think there was something rather daunting about commenting on other peoples work, strangers work. What if they didn’t like my comment? I’m used to commenting on my friends work via social media platforms but this was definitely a first for me. I think it is a good idea that ds106 makes us do this, it gets people talking to each other, starting conversations and not only this but as people progress through the course, pretty much everyone should be getting feedback and words for improvement off of people that they haven’t met. And I think that’s great, because if someone where to comment on my work on how I could tweak it or make it better and improvement for the future id enjoy it; as positive and reflective feedback is one of the most important things.

Overall, Unit 3 has been the best so far. I really enjoyed the digital storytelling part and the video about Shapes of Stories really hit home, i really got it. Overall my experience with\ DS106 is going well. The only thing I need to imporve on is maybe add a little more time into it. As im kind of struggling doing this and other assignment at Uni at the same time. As for my blog, I think its coming along very well, looking a lot better now its filling up with content and I’m a lot more confident now with using the blog to full effect. Im looking forward to starting Unit 4 now aswell. I have had a quick look ahead and it looks pretty interesting, I guess only time will tell if I enjoy it as much as unit 3!


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