Audio Storytelling

In the first section of Unit 4, we are asked to watch various videos on audio storytelling, and from watching the experts’ videos, write a reflective blog about these videos, so here it is. Below are my reflective pieces of writing about each video, along with the video itself.

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The first video being “Radiolabs Jad Abumrad: How radio Creates Empathy” Below are some key quotes that I took from watching the video:

-“Radio does not have images, which might initially seem weird but its ultimately the coolest thing about radio, is what it lacks”

-“I’m painting something, but I’m not holding the paintbrush, you are”

-“Because we have to fill this gap of picturelessness together, we some how have to be connected”

To me this video was great. I understood and took in everything that Jad had said within. The ‘Paintbrush’ quote really struck me. I made me think about the fact that audio stories are literally just words, but when we the audience are listening to these words, we are painting this picture in our minds of what we think could be happening, what it could look like etc. Literally anything, as long as you have the imagination.

Also the first quote about what radio lacks is also pretty cool I thought. I mean, just because radio isnt a 42″ huge TV in your living room, doesn’t mean its not good, right? Radio is a blind medium, it literally leaves everything up to your imagination, which I think is great.

The second video I watched was “Ira Glass on Storytelling, Part 1 of 4” and again, below are some quotes which I pulled from the video:

-“You want bait, you want to be constantly be raising questions”

-You want to be constantly raising questions and answering them from the beginning of the story”

-“The whole shape of a story is that you’re throwing out questions to keep people watching or listening; and answering them along the way”

All three quote kind of link together really well with this. In order to get people hooked on a story, they need something to be interested in, so throw them some bait, get them interested. And as the story progresses, things happen, characters get introduced etc, questions need to be raised at points throughout. If people dont have any questions about the story, hy would the continue watching it? Answers also need to be given to these questions, but then more questions need to be chucked out, more bait, to keep the audience interested.


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