Listening to Audio – “504- How I got into College”

Under the ‘Listening to audio’ Section of unit 4. We had to listen to one story from the links given, and write about it, about how effective the audio was for telling these stories. I chose to listen to “504:How I Got Into College” Which is a show about how people got into various different colleges in the USA. Below are some brief notes I took whilst listening through the audio for the first time. 


Asking students how they got in, vox pops – Good way of getting different views across quickly

Basic music (background) adds ambience, seems friendly – Adds atomsphere to show, very friendly

Narration sets the outcome of the show/story – Good way of laying out the show, nothing complicated either

Chatty, very non-formal atmosphere – Makes audience more interested, not a boring show to listen to

The layering of sounds in the piece was very effective to me, being able to listen comfortably to dialogue and music whilst also taking vital information in was great. It makes you feel welcome into the story and want to listen on, its not complicated or confusing to listen to either. By doing this its a good way to get the story across too, as people are more likely to take in more information if its easy listening.

Also, I think it is very important for people to understand what makes good stories, and especially with sound, as it is such a powerful and meaningful tool. In the story I listened to, I personally think that it was very important for the producers to keep the whole thing quiet simple. By having one or two narrators with either special guests or vox pops etc linked into the show, it keeps it plain, simple, yet very effecting for the listener. By choosing this way to tell the story, It made me LISTEN more, and take in more information, connecting with the story and made me understand the story, which is great.


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