Unit 4 Reflective Blog

So this is my final blog for Unit 4; which was all about Audio Storytelling.

First of all in this unit, we had to watch videos from Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad. When originally watching the videos, I noted down quotes from both which I thought were interesting and useful, and also could be used for the unit.

Jad Abumrad –

-“Radio does not have images, which might initially seem weird but its ultimately the coolest thing about radio, is what it lacks”

-“I’m painting something, but I’m not holding the paintbrush, you are”

-“Because we have to fill this gap of picturelessness together, we some how have to be connected”

Ira Glass –

-“You want bait, you want to be constantly be raising questions”

-You want to be constantly raising questions and answering them from the beginning of the story”

-“The whole shape of a story is that you’re throwing out questions to keep people watching or listening; and answering them along the way”

The videos where also a great help in making us think about audio storytelling in different ways and viewpoints.

The next part of the unit was to listen to a short radio story, which DS106 gave us to listen to. We had to take key notes about the different types of audio techniques used throughout the piece, and when listening through it, i wrote them down in a list, so i wouldnt forget.

-Intro                      -Overlapping             -‘Audio table of contents’    -Repetition                     -Use of volume

-Quick cuts             -Fading in/out           -Music effects                     -Ambient sounds            -Sound effects

For me, I enjoyed that we had to look at different techniques used with sound. personally I think its a great topic. With moving image, you can get away with a pretty rubbish piece and it will still look OK. But with sound, to me I think you cant. As there’s nothing to look at with sound, you visualize everything. And if there is no strong storyline or nothing to grasp your attention, you would be lost. By using the effects listed above, you CAN get peoples attention, get them involved with the story, get them wanting to listen to more, and get them to enjoy it.


Next up was DS106 Radio, when doing this task, I wrote a fair amount on my DS106 blog, Which I will put below, and most of the text too.Is this lazy? Maybe; but its relevant, I’ve written some good stuff here I think.

Though there are various ways to listen to DS106 Radio, for me, using my laptop, the easiest way to do so was to listen directly in my web browser (Chrome)



DS106 told us to try and listen to the radio when someone is doing a live broadcast. Obviously this is not possible for people that just do DS106 in their spare time, but luckily, I tuned in just as someone was broadcasting live. He was talking about how he and his family (based in Vancouver) are driving up to Alaska for a few days; which is cool. As well as a few songs being played, they guy presenting (I’m unsure of his name, as he didn’t say) was also playing his guitar for the listeners.

We were asked to Tweet using the #ds106radio hash tag when we where listening, to show anyone on Twitter that we were.But as I was the only person tuned in at that time, I guess only I saw it.


Overall my experience with DS106 radio was ok. I think it could be improved in many ways, such as it should have regular and pre made arrangements for people to broadcast. Regular shows instead of people just broadcasting whatever they like. But also broadcasting whatever you want can be great, too. As it gives people the freedom to tell the world (or whoever is listening) whats going on.

For our audio assignments, we had to do two seperate things, the first was to download Audacity so were able to produce and create some audio work. Once this was completed we had to make a radio bumper for DS106 radio, to be played between songs etc, and the second was a short audio story. All using sounds from Freesound.org (a great site) and Audacity to edit it, once this was done, we had to upload it to our own Soundcloud profiles.

Sound Story – https://soundcloud.com/hwwmhctdc/short-story

Bumper – https://soundcloud.com/hwwmhctdc/radio-bumper

Im not going to lie, audio is not my major strong point, and I don’t enjoy it anywhere near as much as visual aspects, be it, photography, moving image or anything else, plus I feel I’m better at those; so this was a bit of a struggle. Audacity was very easy to use, but after using software such as Audition and Pro Tools in other modules on my course, I feel as if these would have been more appropriate to use for this task. Saying this, not everybody undertaking DS106 isn’t going to have access to these programs, or are going to be willing to fork out hundreds of pounds/dollars etc to do it.

Daily Creates for Unit 4

16094553031_5c0d8c55d3_oRainbows Everywhere – For this we had to take various photos of objects around us that are all different colours, just using a simple photo grid app on my phone, and objects around my room, I created this, who knew that they’re so many colours.

Inverted image – For this, we had to take a photo and edit it so we thought it looked cool. This is a photo I took on my way home from work today, I broke up for Christmas (only till boxing day); and the sun was shining.


Right Here, Right Now – https://soundcloud.com/hwwmhctdc/audio-recording-on-wednesday/s-VSBt9 For this, we had to record on souncloud 10 seconds of whatever we could hear at that particular time, for me, it was a deep house mix I found on YouTube, to listen to whilst I did some work. 

Overall In unit 4 its been good, I have learned a lot about Audio, Audio storytelling, and how different audio techniques can have a different effect on the audience. Also, at the start of the unit, I wasn’t exactly very happy about having to work with audio, as I’m not exactly fond of it, compared to moving image anyway. But after learning about it, the effect it has on people and how it can be so powerful, it definitely is growing on me, I’m also looking forward to Unit 5 as its called Telling Stories In Photos, which I think will be great


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