Photoblitzing. Sound cool, right?

Well with the task to take a certain amount of photos of different topics and ideas within a fifteen minute period, I knew this one was going to be challenging. I had to take a photo of a timepiece at the start, and at the end.

I chose to do this assignment in my flat. This was because I had to go to Birmingham that afternoon, so I didn’t really get the opportunity to go elsewhere. Should I have made time to do this another time? Maybe. The experience altogether was quite interesting. Being able to think what different photos could mean, yet they seem to be so simple. Though I didn’t manage to take too many photos, I still thought it was a useful activity to do. Below is all my photos with descriptions which I managed to take within the time period.

16209724709_ec8e2b6209_o I decided for my Timepiece to begin, I would use the clock on my laptop, I thought as most people would probably take a photo of a wall clock, I would do something a bit different.


‘Take a photo dominated by a single colour’. As simple as it sounds, this is a photo of a wall in my living room in my flat. As it was one of the only things around me that was made up of only one colour, I thought why not, especially as there is no right or wrong answers.


‘Take a photo of two things that do not belong together’. For this, I literally grabbed the first two things that where on my table at the time. A pen and a glass, definitely do not belong together.


‘Take a photo the represents Openness’. This photo is literally what it says on the tin. The lid of the candle is open. This is really could relate to SO many things. If you use your imagination, most things could represent openness in some sort of abstract way. For example, an open door would lead to new opportunities etc.


‘Take a photo of lines’. The view from my fourth floor living room balcony window was pretty cool for this. AT first you have the outside lines of the square shape, and within that are lines of the window pane and balcony barrier, and beyond that, are the power lines and the complex lines of the pylon. This is also my favorite photo from this assignment. 16395952995_8b3bf1f196_o

‘Take a photo of something at an unusual angle’. Simple, a water bottle from top to bottom, I thought this looked quite cool compared to a bottle at a normal angle.


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