Unit 5 Summary

Unit 5 was great. Easily the best and my favorite Unit so far.

To make my radio group was a bit awkward, as nobody in my class was up to Unit 5 yet, but after a chat, I decided to make a group with two friends in my class who are on unit 3 i believe, and we’ll work together for the radio groups.


To leave comments on other peoples work is important. I feel as if feedback from others is essential in being able to be confident with your own work, and be able to improve also. I looked through the hash tag #ds106photoblitz to look for others work, and came across a Flickr user named ‘mazz waste’ who uploaded a set of photos of a few friends smoking. I left comments on various photos that I liked. My favorite is underneath. At first I wasn’t too comfortable with leaving comments on other peoples work, especially as I don’t know any of them. I thought whats the point. But as I gained a few comments from people I didn’t know, it leaves you feeling good and more confident to do more good work. I hope in the future people could leave comments on my work too.

15642870319_8c79eef8fc_oFor the photo tips that we had to choose, i chose:

-‘Look to the light’: I am going to become more aware of the light that works (and doesn’t work) in my photographs, understanding shadows, and directions. Is the light strong, is it not? I think this skill will be VERY useful, as bad lighting can ruin any picture instantly. You might have taken a world famous, outstanding photograph, but if the lighting is bad, if its too dark, too light, or anything, it could be looked over instantly. 

-‘Pay attention to the moment’: For this I’ll need to slow down, pay attention and be aware of whats going on.; trying to anticipate the moment of something interesting happening. This skill will help me become more aware when taking photographs. not to just whip my phone or camera out and start snapping, to actually take time, and think about whats going on. 

-‘Put a great foreground in front of a great background’: I’ll need to pay attention to everything that’s going on in the shot, whether it be near, or far. I’ll need to learn to avoid clutter and distracting element within shot also. Who wants a cluttered photo, If there is too much going on, you’re not going to be able to recognize whats going on within the photo. 

And with these tips, I would try to include them within my work for this module, and they did in fact, come in very handy, especially with the PHOTOBLITZ assignment, which I really enjoyed. Below are some of my photos from that section of the unit.


Throughout the unit I have enjoyed many new things. Learning how to become a better photographers especially. Also I enjoyed being able to do up my Flickr page. As being able to customize a space to make it your own, to make it personal was really useful.

First of all I changed my URL.This was done under the ‘My Account’ section and was simply done. Now people can find my account without having to search through Flickr itself, I can just give them the URL. Next was to look at the default settings for new photo uploads, also under My Account. And after looking through the settings, I was happy with what they where, so I didn’t have to change anything. Do you think that Flickr automatically gives you the best settings?

Next was for me to set up a way to Upload to Flickr via email, instead of Flickr itself. Personally I don’t really this will come in useful for me, as I have internet access a lot of the time, and have the Flickr app. But i did the task anyway. Following the link that DS106 provided https://www.flickr.com/account/uploadbyemail/?from=email I was able to receive a personal email address (created by Flickr) that if i wish to, email photos directly to and Flickr will upload it straight into my photo  stream.. The only possible reason I can think of that this would be useful, is it kind of cuts out the ‘uploading’ process, but you still have to attach it to an email, and send it anyway.  . 

Next was Sharing. Again under my Account section, I was able to decide which other social media sites I would allow Flickr to share to, personally I didn’t want my Uni work all over my personal Facebook page, but I can definitely see the appeal, especially for professional photographers, or businesses etc. 

The final task was to create a Set. After following the steps I realized that Flickr must have changed it, because now they’re called Albums. But same thing, right? It was very very simple to do, but cool to organize my work better. I made an album named ‘Best Daily Creates’ and I’m going to put all my daily creates in there that I think are the best. So hopefully after this unit I should have some more cool photos (using the new tips I’ve learned) in there too. 


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