Design Safari

breaking_bad_wallpaperThis is my Design Safari for Unit 6. The idea for this task is to read through the assignment document about different design concepts, once this was understood, we would need to go out and take photos of different logos/advertisements etc, and explain them within the constraints of these said design concepts.

I’m going about my Design Safari a little different, as I thought this would work better for me personally. I knew I had the perfect logo to talk about, but it wouldn’t be anywhere out in public, and its the logo for the hit TV series Breaking Bad.

Firstly, I’m going to talk about the Typography of this logo. As the series is all about the making and distribution of the drug meth, the actual writing in the logo is made up as if its made from the periodic table, which is pretty clever I think. But what makes it even more strange and unique is that BA or BR aren’t even in the periodic table. Its a great way for the logo to catch the viewers eye, I know this because it sure did with me. This also links into the message within this logo. From looking at it initially, without even watching an episode of the show, you can tell that it has a strong scientific interest, and from the two images in the background, you can tell that there will be prominently two main characters within the show too.

Next I’m going to talk about the use of space within the logo. Again, with the BR and BA, they’re set out and laid together like they belong within the periodic table, with the other letters just finishing the words. Again, its a clever concept to consider by the person who made the logo, it also shows that the program might be scientific. Which is a clue to what the show is about.

The words in the whole logo above are is the dominant feature, its what the audience notices and looks at first. But behind the initial text, is two pictures of the two main characters, Walt and Jesse, blended together so much that they’re barely even noticeable. As Walt is played by Bryan Cranston, a world famous actor, it also promotes the TV show with this, as people who recognize him on this advert, are more likely to watch the show as they know that he’s in it.


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