Unit 6 Summary Blog

Overall, this Unit has been OK. It seemed a lot shorter than the other units I have completed? Maybe I worked through this faster, or maybe it just is shorter, I don’t know. I have worked though this unit in the time frame I wanted to as well, which is a massive bonus, as it gives me time to concentrate on other work which I need to do.

I started this Unit off with the three Daily Creates. Which are all on my Flickr.

As always, I do enjoy the Daily Creates, although I don’t do them daily, and probably don’t do anywhere near as much as I could(?). The three I did, was ‘Ruin Porn’, which was an image of an old abandoned airplane. ‘Eye Selfie’ which was I had to take a photo of my own, or someone else s eye. I didn’t really understand the point to this one, but I did it anyway. And the last one I did was ‘Puppy’. In which we were given a photo of a puppy and we just had to caption it to whatever we thought the dog was saying/thinking at the time. They where all very interesting and I like being creative with these, so its always fun.

The majority of this unit was the Design Assignments. That was what took the most time, anyway. The recommended amount of stars to complete was 15, I did over that, not by choice, it was just how many I ended up doing by the that I had finished. Which was great, as it gave me more experience. Overall the design assignments where good. On initially reading through the unit, I read we had to complete 15 stars, I thought to myself that this is going to be tough work, and a lot of hour put in. But hen I started completing them and getting properly stuck in, they where great. I built my Photoshop skills up higher and had fun whilst doing so. I think that the work we do that does not feel like work, its for pleasure, is always the best. Altogether, I would say that the design assignments (if worked on in a day) would take about 3 or 4 hours, depending on how fast you worked, but thats a good few hours gaining more skills, and doing ds106 at the same time!

I did my Design Safari a little different, as I thought this would work better for me personally. I knew I had the perfect logo to talk about, but it wouldn’t be anywhere out in public, and its the logo for the hit TV series Breaking Bad. For this, I had to read through the assignment document, which explained various things in detail about logos and designs. Then, choosing four of these concepts, I would analyze a logo with it in mind. This was probably the best part of the uni, as I took it into my own hands and changed it round a little in the way that I would work. I don’t exactly know if this was aloud, but why should it matter? I did my task uniquely and still explained everything perfectly fine. It was my favorite as I could do this, I haven’t really seen any other assignments on DS106 in which I could do this.

The last part of Unit 6 was the Radio Show work. As nobody in my group is up to speed with the units yet, I haven’t completed it for this unit. My plan is to wait a little longer until some people have caught up, and then speak to them personally to see if the’re at the same level, which then I will be able to undertake these tasks necessary.


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