Find a Digital Tool.

“Find a cool, easy to use digital tool online! Write up a brief tutorial on how to use it, and what it can be used for. ” *5 stars*

Vine Downloader is a really useful online tool that I have used a few times to aid my group project in Social Media.

It basically allows users to paste the URL of the Vine video into the box provided, and when the Download button is pressed, you can select where you would like the video to be downloaded to, e.g Desktop. It’s as simple as that! The tool has allowed me to download various Vine’s for the project i’m working on ad the ease of use is even better. Even if the privacy settings on someones Vine account doesn’t allow you to download their videos normally; this website will still download them for you.

Its a great tool for anyone who wants to make compilation videos, download them onto their pc’s, phones etc, or just for fun.


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