Three Moon Wolf Stories

“Your challenge here is to inject a story into the comment space of a product a web site such as Amazon or ebay much in the vein of theThree Wolf Moon t-shirt on Amazon (see the back story). More examples include the BIC for Her pen reviews or the Diamond Braided HDMI Cable” *4 stars*

This was fun, being able to just go off on one talking about these pens. Obviously nothing I said was real, but it was fun making all the stuff up that could happen with these pretty terrible pens, I mean, would anyone actually buy these? Well I hope they would after reading my 5 star review. The comment reads:

“This product is great. They were able to highlight my lecture notes perfectly, it’s a durable, long-lasting product that will never let you down.
But beware, if you do so happen to get carried away with this product and accidently, or interonally inject yourself with the highlighter ink, you WILL turn into the Incredible Hulk. I did not do this myself, but I watched my friend do it and it was crazy. All in all, a GREAT product and I would rate it 11/10. Great for all your highlighting needs!”

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