Unit 8 Summary Blog

Unit 8 was good, it was a short unit, and a good unit to get back into the swing of DS106 after taking some time off doing other assignments for my Uni coursework.

I really enjoyed the web assignments section the most. I was able to do my own thing and take my time. Overall, I did only two assignments but they equaled to 9 stars in total. I have always liked these sections of the Units, where we can pick and choose what work we want to do, and what we don’t. By doing these, I have learned that you shouldnt just choose an assignment because it has more stars than the next, or because it looks easy. You should do whatever assignments interest you, not to just get the work done quicker. The first assignment, rated 5 stars, was to find a useful online tool, and write a description about it with a brief tutorial on how to use it too. I chose to review Vine Downloader. Which is a website which allows you to download any Vine onto your device with just the URL link. The review is on my WordPress. The second assignment I did was to write a review on a product on sites such as Amazon or Ebay. I commented on a Highlighter pen found on Amazon.  The full comment can be found there or on my WordPress post about it.

The comment character task was also really interesting to do. Something I had done before but never made up a character for, Id only ever commented as myself. My characters name was CharacterNM and his traits were:

-He’s straight to the point

-He can be a bit blunt sometimes

-He tells the truth and tells people what he thinks honestly

-He dosent care of what people think him.

Altogether, my character left different comments on 5 different blog posts.  It gave me great confidence in commenting on peoples work and hopeful that people will return the favour and give me feedback so that I can improve for the future.

I did my three daily creates for this Unit. After I had done all three, I somehow had link them into one another to make a story. My story is below.

Get money, and travel the world:

Write a ‘How To’ book on the plane:

See an NHL game:

My story doesnt link totally, but you can get a pretty good idea of how it would plan out. This was pretty fun to do for the daily creates this unit, because as far as i remember, I havent actually done this before. It made me think more about what daily creates I should do in order to link them together, and in the end I think that I pulled it off pretty well. I think that if i were to do it again, I would try to do 4 or 5 daily creates and try to link them further. To do think I would have to carefully plan out what TDC’s i could do and how I would link them all together.

Overall Unit 8 has been ok, not the best unit but also not the worst. Im excited to carry onto the other units as the course comes to an end after unit 12. I also like how far ive come since unit 1 and will be good to see the difference in skills and confidence online once the course is finished.


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