A bit of Pre-Production

Video Assignments, just like the web assignments and all the rest. I looked forwards into Unit 10 and saw that I’ll have to complete 16 stars worth of video assignments. Anyway, For this pre-production section in unit 9, I had to choose one of the Video assignment, and JUST do the pre-production work for it. So everything that i can possibly do, without actually editing video.

I found an assignment called Return to the silent era. http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/return-to-the-silent-era/ which is about getting a modern film trailer, muting the existing audio and making it black and white, inserting cue cards, new music etc. The film I chose to do this for, is The Wolf Of Wall Street.

So what did I need for the Pre-production bit of this assignment?

Well first of all, I needed to get the trailer. I did this using http://www.clipconverter.cc/ which is a site that allows you to enter the URL of a Youtube video, and it’ll download it wherever you want, and in whatever format you want. So I downloaded it to my desktop, as an MPEG.

Next up, I needed a good enough soundtrack for my new silent film trailer. Using freesound.org which is a free sound archive, i sea4rched for ‘Classical Music’, as I thought that this would work well, and the example of other work I saw had classical music and it worked really well. Then I simply downloaded that too.

All done! All i can do now is to finish uni 9 and wait until I start the vieo assignments section in unit 10. Then I can start editing.


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