Unit 9 Summary Blog

Within this review, I’m going to talk all things Unit 9.

First of all, video editing software. I use Adobe Premiere Pro CC when i’m at uni, and Premiere Pro CS6 when i’m at home on my latptop. I have a good understanding and knowledge of the program and have used it countless times over the past 4/.5 years. Its simple to use, easy to get and (in my opinion) the best for the job.


Look, Listen, Analyze.

For this section, I analyzed a scene from Fight Club in three different ways. Camera work, Audio track, and all of them put together. I really enjoyed doing this, it gave me free will to talk about what i liked, what i didn’t like and be able to actually take note of what was going on in the film.  I think the music and camera shots work well together to put together a great movie scene. By minimizing my audio sense, it was strange, by silencing it, you can obviously see whats going on in the film, but it docent have such a dramatic effect on the viewer, and by being blind of the visuals and just listening to the audio, you can pretty much guess whats going on, I think that a good audio track is absolutely crucial for a good and effective film.

After doing some research about the film, i found out various different fact about it, such as:

“When a Fight Club member sprays the priest with a hose, the camera briefly shakes. This happens because the cameraman couldn’t keep himself from laughing.”

When I read this I could believe it. As I’ve seen the film probably 20 times, it is a really funny scene. The fact that they kept this scene in the final edit really proves that you can still get away with not having the ‘best’ camera shots to have a great movie.

“In the short scene when Brad Pitt and Edward Norton are drunk and hitting golf balls, they really are drunk, and the golf balls are sailing directly into the side of the catering truck.”

This is also great. To me it meant that David Fincher (director, and one of my favourites) could really trust Brad Pitt and Edward Norton to play an effective character even of they were under the influence. Also, as the actors actually were drunk, then surely they’ll play ‘drunk’ even better? I was pretty shocked to find out they they would be allowed to be drunk on set, but if it makes a good movie and nobody is really any the wiser, what should it matter?

When I was asked to re edit Fight Club using my chosen software, i was pretty excited, I knew it would be fun to do and the video that I made is below. It gave me the free will to do pretty much anything I wanted with Fight club, which was great.

After reviewing this document, we can all see that there actually is, genres of videos within Youtube. But there shouldn’t be anything shoicking about this, because if 72 hours of video are uploaded every minute, and over 4 billion videos are viewed every day, of course some videos are going to clump together into their own little genres.
Some Youtube genres are:
-Parodies     -Life hacks     -Animation
-Timelapse     -Pop-culture re animated     -Mashups       ….and many many more (see document)

Before I start the video assignments in unit 10, DS106 wanted me to look foward into these, and by choosing one of the assignments, do ONLY the Pre-Production work that would be needed for the chosen assignment.

I found an assignment called Return to the silent era. http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/return-to-the-silent-era/ which is about getting a modern film trailer, muting the existing audio and making it black and white, inserting cue cards, new music etc. The film I chose to do this for, is The Wolf Of Wall Street.

Well first of all, I needed to get the trailer. I did this using http://www.clipconverter.cc/ which is a site that allows you to enter the URL of a Youtube video, and it’ll download it wherever you want, and in whatever format you want. So I downloaded it to my desktop, as an MPEG.

Next up, I needed a good enough soundtrack for my new silent film trailer. Using freesound.org which is a free sound archive, i sea4rched for ‘Classical Music’, as I thought that this would work well, and the example of other work I saw had classical music and it worked really well. Then I simply downloaded that too.

After doing this Pre production, its made me look forward to Unit 10 even more, especially actually doing these assignments too. I love all forms of film and video making so naturally, Pre-Production is always inivloved heabily with this. And I have had a lot of experience with it, as I’ve been doing Video projects, which all include Pre-Prod for the past four years now. I think its very good and important that DS106 makes us think about the Pre Prod first of all, and ONLY the Pre Prod. Because without it, you wouldn’t have a good piece of work. Planning is key to success. Hopefully I have got all the pre prod materials I need. If not, when actually doing the rest of the assignment, I’ll have to go back and complete getting what I need (not good practice). So hopefully i’l;l be fine! So far Unit 9 has probably been my favourite so far, and as its coming to an end, I can just look forward to Unit 10 even more.

Daily creates for this Unit are in my wordpress. 

Overall the Unit has been the best so far, by a mile! It’s been fun to learn more about movies, genres, interesting facts about the best film ever, and being able to have fun and remix things. DS106 seems to be giving me a lot more free will with this, (or am i just better at stuff like this?) which feels good. I’m looking forward to Unit 10 as when I looked through it breifly the other day, it looks pretty similar to Unit 9, which will be really cool and fun to complete.


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